Stefan Sagmeister is coming to Melbourne

February 05, 2015

We are so looking forward to seeing Stefan Sagmeister when he comes to Melbourne at the end of the month. For those unfamiliar with his work, Sagmeister is a New York based graphic designer that is infamous for his controversial and ground breaking approach to design.

His motto is “Design that needed guts from the creator and still carries the ghost of these guts in the final execution.”

When he comes to Melbourne in late February this year he will be exploring the possibilities to achieve happiness as a designer. A comprehensive presentation of his work from the last few years will be intertwined with his inducements, of those lucky enough to be in his audience, to happiness themselves.

As Nancy Spector, chief curator of the Guggenheim Museum succinctly puts it:

“Sagmeister’s series Things I have learned in my life so far refuses to behave itself. Drawn from an inventory of aphoristic thoughts compiled in his diary, this unruly project claims to be graphic design and not art.”

Call it art or graphic design, work or play, Sagmeister pushes, retreats, entices and stuns us. His work, his design, his art all strive to blend and ruffle our edges, to sneak up on us or hide on the table. Don’t miss him, see him.